November 14, 2023

Sociology alum (PhD 2016) and current SBS & IHA faculty Dr. Jennifer James has recently been receiving press on her work on the compensation program for forced sterilizations in California.  On November 1, Dr. James was a guest on KQED's Forum: Listen at:

November 13, 2023




Recent Publications from some of our Alum:

    November 07, 2023

    Dr. Jamie Chang received her Sociology PhD at UCSF in 2013


    For new Berkeley professor, solving homelessness requires data, direction — and belief

    Born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area, Jamie Chang's personal and academic journeys have pointed her toward the systemic causes of homelessness. Now a professor at UC Berkeley, she’s seeking solutions to California's most vexing puzzle.

    October 17, 2023


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