SBS Course Schedule

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Fall 2021

Course Title FOR Day Time  
S285A Qualitative Methods I Pinderhughes Tues 1-4 remote
S212A Sociological Theory: Classical Pinderhughes Wed 1-4 remote
S289A Advanced Quantitative Research Methods I Harknett Wed 9-12 & Lab TBA remote
N253 Theories of the Health Policy Process Bialous Wed 1-3 remote
S206 Corporate Influences on Health & Health Care Bialous Thur 3-5 remote
S210 Proseminar in Health Policy Chapman Thur 12-1 remote
S246 Communications & Policy Leadership Chapman Thur 1-3 remote


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Course Planning: 2021/22 (Theory Year)

Fall 2021 Winter 2022 Spring 2022

S212A Classical

285A Qual 1

S289A Quant 1

S212C SI

285B Qual 2

S289B Quant 2

? 237

? S272         or -->

S212B Contemporary

? S215



? S272