SBS Course Schedule




Fall 2020


Course Title FOR Day Time Room Number
S236 Race/Class Factors in Health Care Delivery Pinderhughes Wed 3-5 remote
S285A Qualitative Methods I Pinderhughes Tues 1-4 remote
S289A Advanced Quantitative Research Methods I Harknett Wed 9-12 & Lab TBA remote
S210 Proseminar in Health Policy Chapman& Forsythe Thur 12-1 remote
S246 Communications & Policy Leadership Chapman Thur 1-3 remote
N253 Theories of the Health Policy Process Bialous Wed 1-3 remote
S207 Sociology of Health & Medicine Shim Thur 1-4 remote

Current Sociology students: Please refer to the curriculum information page for information on which courses to register for each quarter.



Course Planning: 2020-21 (Med Soc Year)

Core courses to cover: 285A, 285B, 289A, 289B, 207, 208, 260; also 236, 272? Need titular FOR for 215, 237






285A Qual I

236 Race/Class

285B Qual II



207 Soc of Health & Med











260 Policy & Politics of Health