Welcome New Faculty Member, Erin McCauley!

The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences is very happy to announce that our newest faculty member, Erin McCauley will officially be joining our ranks in January, 2022!

Erin McCauley is a Sociologist whose research focuses on the implications of incarceration for health, with a particular interest in how the intergenerational consequences of incarceration for children of incarcerated parents contribute to disparities in health. A second area of her work focuses on the intersection of race and disability in institutional settings and how this contributes to broader inequality in health and wellbeing. Erin has several projects which are currently underway, including an experiment which examines how parental incarceration stigma shapes teachers’ evaluations of student work and a project web scraping daily jail rosters to assemble a national longitudinal administrative dataset. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation, and Policy Research Associates, among others, and has been featured in the American Journal of Public Health, Socius, Social Science and Medicine, and the Journal of Disability Policy Studies.

More information about Erin McCauley and her work is available at https://www.erinjmccauley.com/