Rashon Lane featured at UCSF news site: Understanding 'Why' in the Ebola Outbreak

Incoming student Rashon Lane (2015) has  shared her story on what being part of UCSF means to her and is a featured voice this week on UCSF One Story. 

The article,  "Rashon Lane: Understanding 'Why' in the Ebola Outbreak", begins:

Before returning home to pursue her PhD in sociology at UC San Francisco, Rashon Lane had one last mission across the globe: go to Africa to help understand the Ebola epidemic.

Lane, who works for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention primarily in cardiovascular research, joined a special response team that arrived in Sierra Leone in May, nearly a year after the start of the 2014 outbreak there. “At that point, we understood the disease progression, but it was still unknown why people continued to practice behaviors that would cause them to transmit Ebola,” she says.

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