Jennifer Mueller: ICPSS COLLOQUIUM

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Dr. Jennifer Mueller

Dr. Mueller is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Intergroup Relations Program (IGR) at Skidmore College, a liberal arts college in upstate New York. 

Their research and teaching interests are focused on race and racism, culture, knowledge and ignorance, social inequality, critical race theories (and social theory more broadly) and critical pedagogy. 

They are committed to examining mechanisms that sustain racism and other forms of structural domination, as well as factors that promote social consciousness. These motives align the two primary aims of their work: to produce publicly relevant research on matters that impact the lives of everyday people; and to engage learners in a dynamic process that illuminates both the influence of larger social forces on everyday life and our power to shape the social world we encounter

Email for link to attend: [email protected]

OR watch Zoom presentation in-person at WGVCV 12th floor, Room with the View