ICPSS Colloquia Series: Dr. Christoph Hanssmann


AY23/24 Innovative and Critical Perspectives in the Social Sciences colloquia.

Care without Pathologization

3/14/24 - 12-1:15 PT

Dr. Christoph Hanssmann, UC Davis


Chris Hanssmann studies the politics of health, science and medicine, focusing on relationships between biomedicine and social movements. His first book, Care Without Pathology, is a transnational analysis of trans health. Published with University of Minnesota Press,  it examines how activists and care providers define the field and enact care as a public good. He works collaboratively with researchers and activists in feminist, queer and trans feminist health and justice, and has published articles in Transgender Studies Quarterly, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, and Social Science and Medicine.

Email [email protected] for Zoom link