Doug Harper, PhD Invited Talk: "A Modest Call for Seeing Sociologically".

Parnassus Campus CL 215/216

Seeing Health: Visual Methods of Analysis Two Events Exploring Visual Sociology

Doug Harper, PhD

Prof. Emeritus, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh

Using innovative visual research methods, Dr. Harper examines social problems related to class, food, and the built environment. Dr. Harper is President of the International Visual Sociology Association.


Tuesday October 20

11AM - 1PM

Parnassus Campus, CL 215/216

Invited Talk: "A Modest Call for Seeing Sociologically".

In this talk, Dr. Harper will argue the importance of seeing social problems, like health disparities, through qualitative visual methods.



Tuesday October 20

Laurel Heights, Room 474
Visual Sociology in Action: A screening of "The Longest Journey Begins"

Experience an exemplar of visual sociology. This documentary focuses on a long term halfway house for addicts in recovery.



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  • ¨ Light snacks and beverages will be provided at both events.
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Presented by:
SON Dept. Of Social & Behavioral Sciences Qualitative Working Group