Core Sociology Faculty


Catherine Bliss

Catherine Bliss, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Email: Catherine.Bliss@ucsf.edu

Areas of Interest: medical sociology, science and technology, social theory, qualitative research methods, genomics, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, diasporas, professions and disciplines

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Kristen Harknett, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Email: Kristen.Harknett@ucsf.edu

Areas of Interest: unstable work schedules and worker health and well-being, kin and social support, family demography, quantitative methods, and policy evaluation

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Howard Pinderhughes, PhD

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Email: Howard.Pinderhughes@ucsf.edu

Areas of Interest: Fathers; Juvenile Delinquency; Violence; Domestic Violence; Child Abuse

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Janet Shim UCSF

Janet Shim, PhD

Director, Doctoral Program in Sociology
Associate Professor, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Email: Janet.Shim@ucsf.edu

Areas of Interest: Sociology of health and illness; social inequalities in health; science, technology, and medicine studies; race, gender, and class; qualitative research methods.

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Affiliated faculty

Ackerman, Sara L

Adelson, Joel W

Anderson, Stacey J

Benner, Patricia E

Bialous, Stella A

Brennan, Penny L.

Chang, Jamie S.

Chapman, Susan A.

Chaufan, Claudia Noemi

Choi, Ji Won

Clarke, Adele E

Collier, Eric J

Dibble, Suzanne L

Dubbin, Leslie A

Dworkin, Shari L.

Estes, Carroll L

Estrada, Michelle B

Flatt, Jason D

Flores, Cristina M

Forsyth, Susan Redman

Fox, Patrick J

Gardner, Annette L

Golding, Jacqueline M

Gordon, Suzanne C

Harrington, Charlene

Harris-Wai, Julie N.

Hollister, Brooke

Huda, Amina

Jessup, Martha A

Johnson, Julene

Kang, Taewoon

Kaufman, Sharon R

Kaye, H Stephen

Koenig, Barbara Ann

Laplante, Mitchell P

Liu, Jenny Xin

Liu, Pi-Ju

Lown, E Anne

Malone, Ruth E

Max, Wendy

Mcdaniel, Patricia A

Michie, Marsha M.

Miller, Robert H

Muench, Ulrike

Newcomer, Robert

Newman, Jeffrey M

Olesen, Virginia L

Otero-Sabogal, Regina

Portacolone, Elena M

Purcell, Natalie J.

Ross, Leslie Karen

Sigurdson, Krista Ms

Smith, Elizabeth A

Somkin, Carol P

Staples, Robert E

Stewart, Anita

Strawbridge, William

Sung, Hai-Yen

Tober, Diane M

Wang, Margaret

Wiener, Carolyn L

Wolfe, Nicole E

Yao, Tingting

Yerger, Valerie B

Zimmer, Zachary S