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Improving End-Of-Life for Persons Living With Dementia: Bereaved Caregivers’ Observations and Recommendations — Jarmin Yeh, PhD, MPH, Jeff Newman, MD, MPH, Lauren J. Hunt, PhD, RN, Feb. 5, 2021

Beyond Seeing Race: Centering Racism and Acknowledging Agency Within Bioethics — Jennifer James, PhD, MS, Feb. 1, 2021


'So Angry, So Scared': California COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Change Leaves Disabled People Behind, Say Advocates

Feb 1, 2021

When Alice Wong found out last week that younger people with disabilities in California may have to wait many more months to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, her heart sank.

"This really took my breath away," said Wong, a San Francisco-based disability rights activist and host of the "Disability Visibility" podcast.

Wong has a rare neuromuscular disease that requires her to use an electric wheelchair and ventilator.

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